Customer Testimonials

Martin Gregory
Not only had Ollie had the treatment done himself (which was comforting), his professionalism was outstanding. I couldn't be happier with the finished piece and would highly recommend it over any other hair loss treatment. I think I speak for all men when I say MPB can be a sensitive subject, well Ollie @ Appear Natural ticks all the boxes from start to finish. Massive thanks again!!
I love it! Ollie at Appear Natural is a genius and expert craftsman. Blended to perfection, it looks so natural that people/friends keep asking me if it will grow. The best option for covering the bald spot in my opinion..... My mother said "It looks great".... MY MOTHER! I'd highly recommend Appear Natural - I did a lot of research and they are the best. Now I know that I shall never look bald again.
I first heard about Appear Natural through a friend who had already had scalp micropigmentation with Ollie. He was over the moon with his new look and I thought it was amazing as well. Having seen my friend's treatment I wasn't apprehensive at all, just eager to see how I would look with a hairline after twenty years without one. Of course, as you'll see from the photo my results are awesome but I wasn't prepared for the positive knock on effect it would have on my life. My new found confidence and happiness have given me back the desire to socialise more and I've even started working out at the gym. It really is amazing what a hairline can do for you!
Like everyone said, Ollie gets involved on a personal level with you and makes you feel right at home..... I'm just annoyed that I didn't do it earlier to be honest; its just a weight of your shoulders. Your confidence goes through the roof and that's what you want. It's a bargain for the way you feel afterwards.
I originally had my treatment done by a different company. I was reasonably happy but I always felt that the treatment could have been blended more to join it to my existing hair. After a while I contacted the original practitioner to arrange a top up session. I was quoted a frankly ridiculous amount of money for my top up procedure, especially considering I had paid £3000 for the treatment less than two tears ago. Naturally I decided to look elsewhere and subsequently found Appear Natural. After researching Ollie's work and visiting his clinic I knew that this was the practitioner for me. I booked myself in and since having the treatment with Ollie my scalp micropigmentation treatment has never looked better. His attention to detail really shines through and his personable approach makes the whole experience as pleasant as possible. I'd look no further than Appear Natural, you cant go wrong with Ollie. Thanks again.
I sent an enquiry by email and was called back personally by owner and practitioner Ollie, who answered my many questions but offered me to visit the clinic for a consultation which I happily obliged. There I got to see the clinic which is a good and clean environment and meet Ollie, who is a real professional, decent and down to earth fella who completely put my mind at ease. No pushy sales techniques, just honest and straight forward answers. I'd been doing my own research beforehand but from that moment was sold so went ahead and booked myself in for the treatment.
Onto the results. Well what can I say? Ollie is an absolute perfectionist and has done an amazing job. I am completely over the moon with it and so pleased with my decision to have it done. I haven't been this happy with the appearance of my hair for a LONG time. No more worrying about concealing an ever increasing bald patch and hairline! It looks fantastic but still completely natural. I highly recommend 'Appear Natural' to those seeking a solution as I was.
At first I was very apprehensive about the of having Scalp Micropigmentation. I'd never seen it first hand and the concept of recreating hair follicles with pigment seemed ridiculous. I was however intrigued and so I booked consultations with a few different companies including Appear Natural. After visiting each clinic, it was Ollie's friendly personality as well as his obvious abundance of knowledge which won me over. He showed me some excellent of examples of his work which also gave me the confidence to go for it.
So here I am, two weeks since my final session. Not only do I have a new hairline but I also have a new swagger and confidence. The treatment looks so natural and blends so well that I often forget how far back my hair had receded. Thanks to Ollie, I have a new lease of life which is absolutely priceless. All in all I would highly recommend Appear Natural, especially if your hair loss is affecting your confidence as it was mine.
I first heard about scalp micropigmentation about nine months ago but never followed anything up until I read an article in a men's fitness magazine. This is when I started to do my homework on it and eventually booked consultations with two different companies. To be honest I didn't feel comfortable with either as they seemed more worried about fees so I left it at that. It wasn't until a couple of months ago that I came across Appear Natural.
I booked a consultation with Ollie and upon meeting him felt completely relaxed, it was obvious he wasn't out to just take your money and he answered all my questions with honesty. It also helped that he had been through the process himself and the results looked great. The first visit was pretty pain free and it was very strange in a good way to have a hairline after many years. It was the second visit that brought everything together and made everything look more realistic. The final visit was very relaxed and showed what a perfectionist Ollie is. If you are thinking about having the treatment done, I can honestly say from my experience that Appear Natural would be the place to visit.
The main issue I had was a bald patch on the crown of my head. I was initially under the impression that Scalp Micropigmentation was only for those who were fully bald but after doing some research I realised that I this was wrong. I wanted to find an experienced SMP practitioner and my research led me to Ollie at Appear Natural. From the moment I met him Ollie's professionalism and experience shone through. Needless to say, I went ahead with the process and the result is exactly what I was looking for. I no longer have a bald patch and apart from my wife I have never had to tell a soul about my treatment. It looks so good that people have absolutely no idea! I'd recommend Appear Natural to anyone suffering with hair loss. Don't be apprehensive, just book a consultation and Ollie will put you at ease.

I visited Appear Natural to restore the front of my hairline. I'd receded a fair bit and hated it. A massive forehead isn't a good look for anyone! I spoke to Ollie and he assured me he could help me with my target of restoring my hairline and making it look natural in the process.
I went to see Ollie at his clinic in Bromley. The clinic has a really nice feel to it. We spoke about how id like my treatment to look and Ollie suggested a soft hairline which wouldn't look out of place on someone of my age. Each of the three sessions took around three hours and they were not too painful at all. The finish was absolutely perfect and has taken about five years off me! It's been two weeks since I had my final session and the colour has settled perfectly, matching my real hair 100%.
I have recommended Ollie to friends and relatives suffering with male pattern baldness. People just don't believe me when I tell them I've had Scalp Micropigmentation done! If you're considering having the SMP procedure then look no further than Ollie. He is without doubt the best in his field. Thanks Ollie.

Ollie came recommended to myself by a friend who had similar issues with hair loss. Working in sales I could feel that my receding hairline was really influencing my confidence so when I saw the amazing result on my friend, I immediately booked an appointment with Appear Natural. On the day of the consultation Ollie took the time to go through the procedure including a discussion about aftercare and all other relevant information. I really felt that Ollie understood the personal reasons as to why one would want to undergo the scalp micropigmentation procedure. The actual process was even smoother than I had imagined and the final product is absolutely stunning. All in all I can highly recommend Appear Natural and I couldn't be happier with the result.

Before I found Appear Natural I actually had my treatment done by a different provider. I'd been drawn to that particular company because they seemed to be the biggest, boasting a number of clinics worldwide. They turned out to be a complete nightmare, rushing my treatment with the sessions sometimes lasting less than two hours!? The result was very sparse, faded and patchy. Luckily I was put on to Ollie at Appear Natural by a friend. Ollie was disgusted at the poor workmanship I'd been subjected to but assured me that he could repair some of the damage. As you can see from my pictures, he did that and more, spending a full four hours perfecting every last follicle. It looks amazing! I'd definitely warn anyone considering Scalp Micropigmentation not to be fooled by the fast expanding companies. I realise now that they have a very fast staff turnover and these guys are often completely inexperienced! Make sure you've seen examples of your practitioner's work first hand. I assure you that if you see Ollie's examples, you won't look anywhere else, he's a true professional. Can't thank you enough mate! My number is 07954349417, I'd be happy to have a chat with anyone seeking advice :-)

Recently had my scalp micropigmentation done by Ollie. He was so thorough, the guy has a real eye for detail. It's so natural that nobody has even noticed! I'm absolutely over the moon with the result! I have to say we did have some long treatment sessions but actually, that's what makes you realise that Ollie really cares. He's a complete perfectionist. Cheers fella. Potential clients, my number is 07999103230. You can see how natural the hairline is and now it's settled down it looks even better!

I just wanted to share my appreciation for what Ollie has done for me. My confidence is sky high and I'm definitely walking with a spring in my step since having my treatment done! Ollie's professionalism and expertise throughout the whole process made it a completely painless exercise. Even from the first treatment I couldn't believe how soft and natural the hairline looked. There is such a vast difference between examples I have seen from other companies compared with what Ollie is able to achieve. I'd definitely recommend Appear Natural to anyone considering having Scalp Micropigmentation. The results speak for themselves! Feel free to call me on 07976435815 if you'd like to find out more about my experience with Appear Natural. Thanks again Ollie!